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Substitutions app for iPhone and iPad

4.8 ( 5408 ratings )
Lifestyle Health & Fitness Food & Drink
Developer: Gormaya
1.99 USD
Current version: 5.9, last update: 11 months ago
First release : 20 May 2010
App size: 22.72 Mb

Substitutions. Food & Drink. iOS 10. iOS 11.

Now 1300+ substitutions. Search!

Alcohol. Allergy. Baking. Cooking. Dairy. Gluten-Free.

Herbs. Spices. Low Carb. Low Fat. Low Sodium.

Migraine. Seafood. Meat. Utensil. Vegan.

Twitter: @Gormaya

Pros and cons of Substitutions app for iPhone and iPad

Substitutions app good for

Suffer from migraines and this lets me know what to avoid.. GREAT for people with allergies.. Half the stuff I have no idea what it is though :/
Exactly what Ive been looking for! Very easy to use and full of info!
This app is awesome. Now I will be able to know what to use if I dont have ingredient . Thanks
This app is so useful. Has a good size database with a hard to find or expensive ingredients. Worth the $0.99 avoid the google search. The only negative is the gluten free section... Its more geared towards giving definitions and gluten filled substitutes.... Would be nice if there were more gluten free to gluten free substitute recommendations. Otherwise a perfect app.
Its good but i would like to see an allergy substitution category :3
This is a great app but it should have more Substitutions that are hard to get not easy ones. Like there is a substitution for onions and the sub is shallots and other things. I think it is way harder to find that than the onion it self. Onions and flour are easy.

Some bad moments

I have used this app quite often and has saved me a few times when cooking or baking and I was missing an ingredient. You will find it useful.
Will not open on my iPod. Black screen. What a waste. Do not waste your money.
opened to a black screen. dont waste money. so mad, I want my money back!!!
This app is worthless. Very limited and going to get my money back.
The app is glitchy. You can use the search and then it flips out and you have to research again. Deleted